Useful links and information which are national or covering a wider area

This page includes information and links to useful equipment/cards/sites of interest which are national but will help you here in Bournemouth too. As before, if there is something that you do not see here and you think should be here so more visually impaired people can find out about it, please free to e-mail me with the details at

cinema exhibiter's association card

This card is accepted in almost all cinemas around the UK now. It entitles a disabled person to bring a carer into the cinema for free, so if you really want to go and see something which is not audio described, or just need someone to take you there and back, they can still come with you and go free, whether they want to see the film or not *laughs*. You can get details of this card and apply for one at the Cinema Exhibiter's Association Card Website (opens in new window)

blue badge scheme

Did you know that visually impaired people are also elegible for the Blue Badge scheme for disabled people? If you own one, any car you are travelling in, as long as you display the badge and follow the rules, can go into any disabled parking space. This makes it easier for you and your friends/family/colegues to drop you off or pick you up from somewhere. You can get details of the Blue Badge scheme at The Blue Badge section of's disabled people's zone

radar scheme

This scheme allows visually impaired people to use disabled toilets, so there is no awquardness when a visually impaired man is travelling with a normally sighted woman and the other way around. (JAWS users, please change verbosity settings to read links with screen text to get the best out of this is very accessible, possibly too accessible!)

Radar Scheme website (opens in new window)

Large print calendars

One of my friends was asking me the other day where you could get calendars with really large print and large space to write from. I knew you could get hold of printed ones from BSVI and the RNIB, but I was browsing on the internet the other day and came up with a fantastic site! It lets you design the calendar how you like it, IE whether to have bank holidays or not, how large the text can be etc, and then print it out, all for free. You can access this site and try it out for yourself at the Time and Date Website (opens in new window)If you use the site a lot it may be helpful to register but you do not have to do this.

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